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10 Best Diabetic Socks in 2022


A blog article compares the 10 best diabetic socks. A breakdown of all features, pros and cons, and comparisons with other items.

If you have diabetes, then you should have experienced foot pain caused by diabetes, which seriously affects foot health. You may struggle with choosing the best socks for diabetic feet.

Severe foot disease may be a part of diabetes. In uncontrolled diabetes, chronic high blood sugar can lead to complications, such as neuropathy or nerve damage, which causes the loss of sensation due to uncontrolled diabetes. This can lead to calluses, which can lead to diabetic ulcers, which can also lead to foot infections and, if left untreated, can even lead to amputation.

To be exact, it sounds intimidating and can make buying a pair of comfortable socks very difficult. Diabetic patients must pay special attention to foot health and choose appropriate diabetic socks and diabetic shoes.

What socks are the best diabetic socks

First, choose the right diabetic socks material, bamboo, bamboo, polyester or cotton. Bamboo diabetic socks are super soft, super comfortable, and washable afterwards. Diabetes Blog wrote a product review and said it might be worth going to buy at a diabetes socks store like Comfort Fresh. Bamboo diabetic socks also have the capability of moisture-wicking, which is important if you have diabetes. Because they are made from bamboo, they keep your feet cooler than socks made from other materials.

Finally, black and white socks are usually the most popular. While white diabetic socks are the first choice for diabetes because it does not conceal wounds and pus secretions. Since diabetics cannot normally feel these injuries, they can be easily observed through the sock.

The best diabetic socks

You want to choose comfortable socks for maximum comfort. A podiatrist will then recommend the following best socks for diabetic feet. Socks that are worn above the ankle and made from moisture-wicking fibers for extra cushioning and a non-binding feel.


This sock is masculine. These diabetic socks feature a safety insole to help identify early signs of bleeding and oozing - even when wearing dark socks.

Circufiber diabetic socks


This one belongs to the compression socks. The best compression socks for diabetics can help treat a variety of conditions such as varicose veins, diabetes, growing pains, swelling and soreness. Using a high-performance nylon material infused with copper draws current from your body, relieving pain and providing the relief you need for a worry-free life.

CopperJoint Diabetic Socks


Some people will like colorful socks. Pembrook diabetic socks are made of 97% polyester and not particularly skin-friendly. The premium blend yarn prevents odor, lightweight, non-binding and has a loose top around the ankle to help with poor circulation.


Dr. Scholl

Dr. Scholl diabetic socks are made of 96% polyester and not particularly skin-friendly. Ultra-smooth toe seams and cushioned sole provide all-day comfort for sensitive feet.

Dr. Scholl

Diamond Star

Made from 90% cotton, Diamond Star diabetic socks are luxuriously soft and moisture wicking. Soft treated fibers and fully cushioned footbed make you feel very soft and comfortable, eliminating skin irritation by reducing shear forces while walking.

Diamond Star


Cushioned sole protects feet and provides extra comfort; smooth toe seam reduces pressure points.

MediPeds Socks

Doctor's Select

This kind of diabetic socks are made of 98% polyester with a loose top design for easy sock-on to accommodate swollen ankles and feet. The elastic top allows good blood flow without slipping and does not create unsightly sock marks.
Doctor's Select Socks


To prevent bacterial growth, Comfort-Fresh has chosen a spun polyester yarn to make antibacterial socks. To comfortably fit your legs, they use softened treated fibers to reduce skin irritation caused by shear forces and friction. There is also targeted breathable mesh hose section and a special yarn with excellent moisture-wicking properties. These best diabetic socks will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
Comfort-Fresh 1001H DIabetic Socks


This kind of diabetic socks are made from bamboo, which is light weight and very soft. The bamboo fabric socks are the best socks for diabetics. You feel smooth and comfortable and is easy to put on and take off. It is especially suitable for people who need to sit or stand continuously, such as pregnant women and the elderly. Bamboo is widely considered to be a more renewable resource than cotton. The average temperature of our bamboo diabetic socks is 2 degrees lower than cotton diabetic socks. Therefore, bamboo socks help keep your feet cool and dry, thus helping you avoid infections.

Perfect for sweaty feet and smelly feet. Bamboo fabrics will be softer after the first wash. It is recommended that you wash them before putting them on. Compared to cotton socks, bamboo socks look smaller, but they are super stretchy. The fabric is durable and stays soft even after many washes.

Comfort-Fresh 17180 Diabetic Socks



These diabetic socks come with a cushioned sole that absorbs shock for enhanced comfort and arch support, and the Micromesh Knit makes these ankle diabetic socks perfect for wicking away sweat for an unbeatable dry feel.

Comfort-Fresh 1004S Diabetic Socks

These are our picks for the 10 best diabetic socks in 2022, most of them are made of polyester, but we recommend you to choose cotton or bamboo fiber socks for more comfort.

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