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Welcome to comfort-fresh.com

Thank you for visiting comfort-fresh.com, where you can find a multitude of high-quality diabetic socks provided at well prices.

Who we are?
1. Comfort Fresh, your Fashion and Health Expert: Comfort Fresh, an Utah-based chain that specializes in socks of all sorts, is one of the largest sock manufacturing companies in the world. We make each pair of socks with love and faith, as we want you who are wearing our products to be healthy and fashionable at the same time. With the application of new textile materials to healthcare, we can create goods scientifically and professionally, bringing more happiness and wellness to you.With comfort fresh, you can experience well-made socks for the best prices.
2. Company name: All About Socks, LLC
Address: 2929 N Main Street, N Logan, UT 84341 (Note: This is NOT returning address, any return issues please contact our support team for help.)
Customer Service Phone number: +1 435-787-8888 (New York Time:9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday)
Service Email: support@comfort-fresh.com
3. Our Guarantee
we promise to do all we can to find exactly what you are looking for. We are committed to providing you with a satisfying shopping experience, and we will do our best to do this.
*Highest quality with affordable price products
*Reasonable Return & Exchange Policies
*Global warehouses Near delivery

Approaching comfort fresh
1.Why diabetic socks?
The story begins from kindness. Our founder got a request from a lady who wanted to buy a pair of socks suitable for diabetes, which wasn’t sold at that time. Our founder wanted to help the lady and spent two months researching and developing. This is how our first pair of diabetic socks came out. The kindness creates magic - the whole product line of diabetic socks.


2.Socks, but more than socks
We hope that we are not just sellers of socks, We want to convey the love on it, just like how our first pair of diabetic socks was created. Therefore, we decide to do something different.

3.Searching for opportunities all the time
Comfort Fresh is always devoting to helping those in need. We are always on the way to help and to convey love. If you are interested in distributing Comfort fresh donation, we would like to be able to keep in touch with you and hopefully we can work with you, creating a long-time and high-quality partnership.
4.Our mission
We are natural lover who believe a more comfortable world is a better world. Diabetic patients deserves to put on comfortable socks to touch the beauty of nature instead of staying at home. 

5.Affordable Prices
Supported premium supply chains and self-built supplier repository, comfort fresh has got advantages and independence in pricing, providing cost-efficient diabetic socks with great quality to global users.

6.Worry-Free Purchase
a. 14 Days DOA product guarantee
b. 30 days conditional Return/Exchange
c. 180 Days Quality guarantee for most items