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5 Reasons Why Diabetic Socks are More Suitable for Diabetics in 2022


If you're diabetic, you know how hard it is to find shoes and socks that are suitable for your needs. When you're diabetic, you need a shoe that has good arch support, but also one that won't aggravate your feet. You need a sock that will keep your feet warm, but also cushioning so they don't feel too tight. Do you struggle with finding the right shoes or socks for diabetics? Check out this article to find out why diabetic socks are more suitable for diabetics!

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Symptoms of diabetic patients

Diabetic patients usually suffer from high blood pressure, which can cause severe damage to the nervous system of diabetics, also known as peripheral nephropathy. This means that patients are unable to feel normal stimulation of their feet or notice painful foot ulcers or other ailments. Diabetes can also cause circulation problems, especially in extremity areas such as the feet and hands. Because poor circulation is one of the biggest concerns for people with diabetes, diabetic socks help improve circulation in the lower legs and forces blood flow to the patient's feet. For this function, diabetic socks are especially important.

Made of a natural fiber

Some diabetic socks are made of cotton. Cotton is regarded as a versatile and comfortable fiber, which is natural and chemically-derived. It is woven from pure cotton yarns, with a wide variety of fabrics and different colors. Cotton is tremendously soft and sweat-absorbing on your feet and suitable for sensitive skin. People love to wear cotton fabric clothes because they are breathable, moisture absorption and comfortable to wear, but there is a prominent drawback that is easy to wrinkle, deformation after washing and wearing.

There are cotton-made socks for diabetic. The diabetic patients prefer to wear these cotton-made diabetic socks. This is because the synthetic material will irritate the existing disease in the feet and will create an airy environment that promotes secondary infections.

Bamboo fiber is also an irreplaceable material for making diabetic socks. Bamboo is sustainable because it is an organic material that is resistant to harmful insect pests. Bamboo does not require irrigation or fertilization to grow, which means there are no chemicals in the fiber. Bamboo fiber is softer than any cotton or synthetic material on the market. That's why specifically chose it to make your diabetic socks. In addition, bamboo can absorb more moisture than cotton socks, so your feet will be more comfortable and odor free all day long. The average temperature of bamboo socks is 2 degrees lower than cotton socks. So, bamboo fiber is dry and odorless. It is breathable that can reduce friction and prevent blisters keep your skin cooler. Bamboo fiber will be much softer after the first wash and sustain its softness even through multiple washes.

Function of diabetic socks

To enhance comfort and provide arch support, if so, socks for diabetic with cushion sole can absorb shock. At the same time, reinforced heel and toe provides superior protection and outstanding durability. It is worth to mention that diabetic socks are general with non-binding extra wide top cuff that is because diabetic patients need to improve blood circulation. That will help a lot to their disease.

Diabetic socks are soft-stretch and not tight or binding at all. Wearing over ankles does not easy to decline or slip, no more marks on legs from socks. Every pair of socks is made with a special knit stitch, creating a smooth toe with no annoying bump which is comfortable for whom is sensitive. Seamless toe to enhance your everyday comfort and keep your toes and blood circulation in top shape.

Color of diabetic socks

You may like colorful socks, but black and white socks are usually the most versatile and the most popular. There's a reason you may find that medical socks offered by medical facilities, or even diabetic sock websites, are clear white.

White cotton diabetic socks are the preferred choice for diabetic socks because it does not conceal wounds and pus secretions. Since diabetics cannot normally feel these injuries, they can be easily observed through the sock.

Classification of diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are comfortable and essentially warm items for diabetic patients. In summer, you will like to wear diabetic ankle socks and no-show socks when you wear sneakers. While in winter, you may need diabetic knee high socks that go over your ankles. Diabetic socks are also generally divided into flat and terry. Terry socks are very thick and suitable for winter. The flat socks are no hair inside and can be worn in spring and summer.

This article introduces the symptoms of diabetic patients, the material, function, color and classification of diabetic socks in 5 aspects to tell readers why diabetic patients are best suited to wear diabetic socks, I hope readers can gain knowledge from them.

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