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Are Compression Socks Good for Diabetics?


Compression socks are a product that has the function of improving blood circulation and have been used as treatment for many different ailments. There are especially many compression socks for diabetes. Are compression socks good for diabetics? Having venous insufficiency, diabetic patients have peripheral edema with their feet. compression socks diabetes have doubt that can help reduce edema and make legs and feet healthier. Diabetes compression socks might just be the best thing your diabetic feet have ever had. Why are they good for people living with diabetes? Find out in this article!

 compression socks

Diabetic patients wear socks with care

Damage to the nervous system of diabetics leads to no regular stimulation of feet and painful foot ulcers or other ailments. Diabetes can also cause circulation problems, especially in extremity areas such as the feet and hands. Poor circulation is one of the biggest concerns for people with diabetes. Compression socks for diabetes often extend to the knee and use a solid elastic material to tighten the lower leg, ankle and foot. This form of compression socks for diabetes helps to improve circulation in the lower legs and forces blood flow to the patient's feet.
Diabetic foot lesions are one of the severe complications of diabetes and can lead to infection and even secondary amputation, seriously affecting the patient’s quality of life. Studies have shown that about 21% to 33% diabetic patients have diabetic foot ulcers due to improper footwear wear. Wearing proper diabetic socks can reduce the occurrence of ulcers and prevent foot damage. Circulation problems that cause swelling in the feet, ankles and legs (called peripheral oedema) should lead to regular foot and leg examinations and may require special diabetes compression socks designed specifically for diabetics.

What are diabetes compression socks?

What are diabetes compression socks?

Some characteristics of diabetes compression socks
-Seamless: Most diabetic socks are made seamless, because stitched socks can rub your skin and cause blisters or ulcers.
-Moisturizing: Keeping your feet dry is important to prevent skin infections.
Breathable: Breathable fabrics help keep your feet dry.
-Warmth: Diabetes narrows blood vessels, reducing circulation to the feet. Keeping the tissues of the feet warm helps improve circulation.
-Fit: Many diabetic socks fit the feet and legs, which prevents the loose fabric from rubbing against the skin and causing damage.
-Progressive compression: The compression around the ankle is high and tapers toward the top of the sock, so blood does not pool on foot, promoting circulation and providing lasting support.
-Friction and protection: Our compression socks provide premium support, comfort and relief. You will enjoy unparalleled comfort thanks to the reinforced/cushioned heel, arch support and non-irritating toes.

Some notes on diabetes compression socks

Do not walk barefoot indoors or outdoors, even indoors, as it is easy to step on something and cause an accidental injury. It is recommended not to wear shoes barefoot. At home, please put on a pair of high-quality diabetes compression socks, which can reduce the friction between your feet and shoes and prevent the occurrence of foot-rubbing blisters or even ulcers.
It is appropriate to wear white or other light-colored diabetes compression socks for timely detection of unusual conditions in the foot, such as bleeding, oozing, and odor, and timely detection of treatment at the hospital. It is recommended to wear socks with split toes so that you can avoid the moist factor of toe seams caused by the proximity of each toe, which destroys the environment where fungi live. Check your diabetes compression socks daily and make sure the lining is smooth. It is not advisable to wear socks with seams that are too rough, or have hairballs, holes or with patches, especially on the soles of the feet, to avoid pressure injuries caused by uneven soles and excessive local pressure.
With the development of technology, there are many new diabetes compression socks with innovative materials and special technologies, such as antibacterial, seam-free, scientifically proportioned blends, progressive compression, and new socks that fit the foot as closely as possible. These socks can reduce the friction between the sock and the foot, reduce plantar pressure and forefoot pressure, and have a protective effect on the foot compared to ordinary socks. Also, these compression socks are ideal for runners, nurses, athletes, pregnant women, expectant mothers, shin splints, travelers, bicyclists, and hikers.

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