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Are Diabetic Socks the Same as Compression Socks?


The answer is not exactly. Why? We will find out below! Diabetes patients are unable to feel normal stimulation of their feet or notice painful foot ulcers or other ailments. They would wear special diabetic socks in order to prevent severe damage to nervous system from high blood pressure. Poor circulation is one of the biggest concerns for people with diabetes, some diabetic socks are also designed as compression socks. However, there is a common misconception that diabetic socks and compression socks are the same or interchangeable. Are diabetic socks the same as compress ion socks? This article explores what they are, how they differ, and when each type should be used.

Compression Socks Feature

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Diabetic socks are designed for diabetes patients. Most people will be curious and ask the questions like: what are the features of diabetic socks and how they are different from the normal socks? One is that those diabetic socks are usually with cushion sole to absorb shock, which can enhance comfort and arch support, providing superior protection and outstanding durability when people wear them. Another is that to improve blood circulation, diabetic socks are generally made non-binding extra wide top cuff and made with a special knit stitch to create smooth toe with no annoying bump which is comfortable for whom is sensitive.

What are diabetic socks usually made of?

Some socks are made of cotton, a natural and chemically-derived fiber. Regarded as a versatile and comfortable fiber, cotton is tremendously soft and sweat-absorbing on your feet and suitable for sensitive skin. Diabetic patients prefer to wear cotton-made diabetic socks. This is because synthetic materials can irritate existing diseases in the feet and will create an airy environment that promotes secondary infections.

Bamboo fiber is also an irreplaceable material for making diabetic socks. Bamboo is sustainable and it is an organic material that is resistant to harmful pests. Bamboo doesn't need irrigation or fertilizer to grow which means there are no chemicals in the fibers. Bamboo fiber is much softer than cotton and synthetic material on the market. That's why we particularly choose it to make socks for you. In addition, bamboo can absorb more moisture than cotton socks so that your feet are going to be more comfortable and less odor for a whole day.

Diabetic socks are usually produced in different lengths on the market, which can easily cope with summer or winter. There are crew diabetic socks for summer and ankle diabetic socks for winter.

You might mention the medical compression socks for diabetic patients. Actually, compression diabetic socks help improve circulation in the lower legs and forces blood flow to the patient's feet. They often extend to the knee and use a strong elastic material to tighten the lower leg, ankle and foot. Specific medical compression socks are one type of diabetic socks.

Diabetic Socks Feature

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks are usually made of more than 70% Nylon. They tend to utilize specialized medical grade fabrics and fabricating machinery to make the socks breathable and provide accurate graduated compression.

The compression level is highest around the ankle and lessens towards the top of the stocking. With such advanced compression technology, people wearing these socks can be helped promote the blood circulation and oxygenation, as well as prevent fatigue and swelling, relieving from varicose veins, orthostatic hypo-tension and deep vein thromboses.

As mentioned above, besides the medical diabetic compression socks, compression socks commonly used for everyday wear, travel, leg health, prolonged sitting or standing, being recommended for teachers, nurses, flight attendant, salesman, postoperative, and patients with minor varicose veins.

It is a good way to shape healthy habits, such as right way of eating, exercising, elevating your legs after a long day standing, etc. If you’ve suffered with varicose veins for a long time, you’ll be familiar with the swelling, the itchiness and the pain. You might as well wear those compression socks. It is also recommended that people could wear compression stockings during the day. It can help keep swelling down and reduces the pain in your legs from a day on your feet.

In conclusion, diabetic socks and compression socks belong to two different types of socks, but there are also special diabetic medical compression socks. If you are unfortunate enough to have diabetes, you can try different lengths of diabetic socks to see if the pain in your feet improves. If you also have varicose veins, you can try special diabetic compression socks; to relieve the lack of blood flow caused by your long hours on your feet, you can try regular compression socks during the day as well.

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