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What Are Diabetic Socks?


There are now some diabetic socks on the market, which are very popular among consumers and look very much like traditional cotton socks or sports socks, but what are diabetic socks? What exactly is the difference between diabetic socks and traditional socks? Namely, they are specially designed for diabetic patients. With the development of economy and the improvement of the living standard of the residents, the incidence of diabetes is also increasing year by year, and nowadays it has become a major social problem that threatens people's health.

What are diabetic socks? Why are they important for people living with diabetes? Find out in this article!

What are diabetic socks


Target Group For Diabetic Socks

Diabetic socks are breathable, sweat-absorbing and no-binding. Some consumers who prefer diabetic sock because of the comfortable wide top cuff, but the potential consumer of diabetic sock is the diabetic patient, who faces two different challenges, which include the socks and shoes worn. High blood pressure can cause severe damage to the nervous system of diabetics, also known as peripheral nephropathy. This means that patients are unable to feel normal stimulation of their feet or notice painful foot ulcers or other ailments.

Diabetes can also cause circulation problems, especially in extremity areas such as the feet and hands. To address these two diabetes-related conditions, patients can wear special diabetic socks. Because poor circulation is one of the biggest concerns for people with diabetes, some diabetic socks are also designed as compression socks. Compression diabetic socks often extend to the knee and use a strong elastic material to tighten the lower leg, ankle and foot.

This form of compression helps to improve circulation in the lower legs and forces blood flow to the patient's feet. From this it seems that, diabetic socks are especially important.

Characteristics of diabetic socks

Diabetic socks are usually designed with cushion sole to absorb shock, which can enhance comfort and arch support. Reinforced heel and toe provides superior protection and outstanding durability. To improve blood circulation, socks with non-binding extra wide top cuff are of great importance. Every pair of socks is made with a special knit stitch, creating a smooth toe with no annoying bump which is comfortable for whom is sensitive.

Socks are made of cotton, whose fiber is sweat-absorbing. This is because synthetic materials can irritate existing diseases in the feet and create an airy environment that promotes secondary infections. White cotton diabetic socks are the preferred choice for diabetic socks because it does not conceal wounds and pus secretions. Since diabetics cannot normally feel these injuries, they can be easily observed through the sock. Cotton diabetic socks are generally divided into flat and terry. Terry socks are very thick and suitable for winter wear. The flat socks are no hair inside and can be worn in spring and summer.

Cotton diabetic socks are versatile and comfortable .These cotton diabetic socks can be smell resistant in daily wear, even after multiple washes.

Washing method

Washing temperature should not exceed 40 degrees, please do not use bleach, color enhancer, stripper washing. After washing, please do not use dehydration machine/dryer and other ways to do dehydration.

It is better to use a towel to absorb the excessive water. When drying, dry them in a ventilated and dry place (avoid direct sunlight): diabetic socks should not be exposed to direct sunlight, as direct sunlight will make the fiber elasticity fatigue and greatly reduce the effect; proper cleaning and care can prolong the life of the socks and bring out the best health effect. After drying, do not roll the socks into a circle, but store them flat and folded.

Whether it is traditional socks or special diabetic socks, choosing a pair of comfortable and breathable socks is our first choice. The first barrier to protect the feet is the socks, the choice of socks is also learned. For the feet breathable sweat absorption, socks play a far greater role than shoes. A pair of suitable socks for feet love sweaty people is an indispensable single product. I hope everyone can buy the right socks for themselves

diabetic socks Washing advice

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