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What Is The Difference Between Diabetic Socks And Regular Socks?


Have you ever wondered, "what is the difference between diabetic socks and regular socks?" They are both socks, but many people don't know the difference. Diabetic socks are a type of socks designed to stay on your calf, unlike regular socks, which slide down. Diabetic socks are designed to provide optimum comfort and protection for people with diabetes.

In this article, learn about the benefits of diabetic socks compared with regular socks and the best brands available!

What are regular socks?

Wearing the right shoes and socks can ensure the health of your feet to a great extent. If you don't wear socks, your feet also have many sweat glands, and the accumulation of sweat can lead to unpleasant foot odour. Wearing socks can cushion the feet and absorb sweat from your feet. It can also reduce the friction with shoes that cause foot injuries when you are barefoot. Regular socks also serve to keep them warm. As the seasons change, socks are an excellent way to keep your feet warm and reduce the risk of frostbite in the winter. 

What are diabetic socks?

First, the material of diabetic socks would usually choose bamboo, bamboo, polyester, or cotton. For example, it is worth buying at a diabetes socks store like Comfort Fresh. We recommend you choose bamboo-made diabetic socks because bamboo diabetic socks are super soft and washable. Bamboo fibre is usually 4 ℃ cooler than other fibre. Therefore, they can keep your feet cooler than socks made from other materials. Bamboo diabetic socks also can absorb sweat, which is important if you have diabetes.

Second, to reduce friction and provide protection, diabetic socks are usually designed with cushion soles to absorb shock, enhancing comfort and arch support. 

Third, socks with non-binding and extra wide top cuffs greatly improve lower blood circulation. Every pair of diabetic socks is made with no-binding wide top cuff, no mark on the legs, and not easily declining from the ankle. There is also a special knit stitch, creating a smooth toe with no annoying bump, which is comfortable for sensitive people. 

Finally, black and white socks are usually the most popular. In comparison, white diabetic socks are the first choice for diabetes because they do not conceal wounds and pus secretions. Since people with diabetes cannot normally feel these injuries, wearing white socks can easily observe the wound through the socks. 

Why are diabetic socks so important for people with diabetes?

The introduction generally starts with the condition of the diabetic patient. Diabetic patients are usually accompanied by high blood pressure. High blood pressure causes severe damage to the nervous system of diabetics, also known as peripheral nephropathy. Patients cannot feel the stimulation of their feet or notice painful foot ulcers or other ailments. 

Poor circulation is also one of the biggest concerns for people with diabetes, especially in extremity areas such as the feet and hands. Damage to the nervous system of diabetics leads to no normal stimulation of feet and painful foot ulcers or other ailments. Specific diabetic socks for diabetes can help improve lower leg circulation and force blood flow to the patient's feet.  

Recommended diabetic socks 

Wide non-binding Bamboo Ankle diabetic socks, seamless toe, 6 pairs

 CF19124 Diabetic Socks

If you're unfamiliar with diabetic socks, we recommend Comfort-Fresh's diabetic socks. This company has bamboo socks. It is especially suitable for people who need to sit or stand continuously, such as pregnant women and the elderly.

This pair of diabetic socks are extremely comfortable to wear due to the soft and lightweight 84% bamboo fibres. Bamboo fibre features a lightweight and super stretch fabrication, bringing you the finest fit and comfort. Moreover, the non-binding mesh top conforms to the contours of your legs without restriction and sagging. Mesh design allows air to circulate and eliminates odour, preventing embarrassing smelly feet.

In addition, these socks come in an ankle length; 6 pairs, Machine wash; Sock size 9-11(Fits women's shoe sizes 5-10), sock size 10-13(Fits men's shoe sizes 8-12). Select more products in the store.

Hopefully, by introducing what regular socks are, what diabetic socks are, and why diabetic patients need diabetic socks, you have learned about the differences and characteristics of the different socks.

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