• SOFT YARN and ODOR-RESISTANT: 91% Polyester, 4% Copper Polyester, 3% Nylon, 2% Spandex. +MD exclusive spinning yarn has natural anti odor properties and offers more moisture wicking ability than cotton while spandex is less constricting than elastic. Infused top quality copper threading can actively prevent foot odor and infection. The copper fibers help muscle recovery and restore skin cells to healthier looking skin.
  • NON-BINDING and CIRCULATORY: Non-binding and soft-stretch top gently conforms to your feet without restricting circulation for ultimate comfort and optimal fit, allowing blood circulation to occur more easily. Extra wide cuff leaves no mark on your leg, yet stay up well without slipping off. The socks suits for anyone who want a more comfortable feel, people with circulatory issues, especially for diabetes individuals’ sensitive feet.
  • CUSHIOINED SOLE and REINFORCED HEEL, MOISTURE-WICKING: Extra padding at bottom, toe and heel can aid in moisture-wicking, minimizing sensitivity and irritations, relieving aches, protecting from injury as well as providing comfort. Free flow moisture management technology wicks away sweat and promote dry feet to protect your feet from infection.
  • HIDDEN SEAM TOE: Smooth no-irritation seam toe can protect from friction rubs to reduce the chance of developing any of the agonizing ulcers or blisters that can plague a diabetic.
  • The copper crew socks are physician approved Therapeutic and highly recommended for: diabetes, circulatory problems, swollen feet, wide feet, edema, sensitive feet and neuropathy. The best option to maintain healthy leg for the elderly, pregnancy, runner, traveller and heart failure patients.